About the project „City for People. Lublin Standards of Pedestrian Infrastructure”

We work together with residents and officials in order to develop a set of principles to assist in designing a more pedestrian-friendly Lublin by the beginning of 2016. The honorary patron of the project is the President of Lublin dr Krzysztof Żuk. The project “City for People” started with a happening called “The First Step” with the participation of professor Jan Gehl as part of the Year of Jan Gehl in Lublin.

Why are we considered with pedestrians? All of us are pedestrians occasionally, but we often feel less well taken care of than drivers and cyclists. People moving on foot feel the quality of the space most strongly and a high walkability defines a good city – a City for People.

Our goal. Together with residents and government officials we are developing a set of principles that will help to design Lublin so that it is more pedestrian-friendly.

How are we going to do it? We invite participants participate in meetings, discussions, workshops, exhibitions and happenings that will take place throughout 2015. Our work is divided into four areas:

  • Fluency of pedestrian traffic


  • The needs of pedestrians


  • Leisure


  • Attractive and hospitable surroundings


What do we want to develop?

  • Standards of pedestrian infrastructure
  • An atlas of pedestrian situations which will help us to understand the needs of pedestrians
  • Materials promoting moving around the city on foot and spending time in the city

Where do we start?

  • Studies and observations of urban space
  • Collection and publication of knowledge
  • Inviting allies and building a social coalition
  • Inviting representatives of the authorities to participate

Pedestrians need 10 times less space than the same number of people moving by car. However, in Lublin we have almost 700 cars per thousand residents and this number is steadily growing. Therefore the walkability of Lublin is deteriorating. Will the next generation have to look for pedestrian-friendly places in other cities or in the countryside? In order to prevent this, we started the project “City for People”. Some other countries have managed to reverse the negative trends for pedestrians. In Berlin and Paris there is half the number of cars in relation to the number of residents compared to Lublin. Lublin is a city on a human scale. With our greenery, monuments and valleys we can match the quality of life in cities which we admire – if we take care of the comfort and safety of pedestrians together, starting today.

The project “City for People” is run by the tu obok foundation as part of the program “Citizens for Democracy” with funding from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA Funds). The project partners are: the City of Lublin, the Lublin Public Library as well as Ośrodek Brama Grodzka – Teatr NN. The honorary patron of the project is the President of Lublin dr Krzysztof Żuk.

The project results appear successively in the form of a table with links to individual pages containing a documentation of regular activities within each module (materials in Polish):

Fluency of pedestrian traffic

Knowledge / Exhibition / Films / Events / Reports

The needs of pedestrians

Knowledge / Exhibition / Films / Events / Reports


Knowledge / Exhibition / Films / Events / Reports

Attractive and hospitable surroundings

Knowledge / Exhibition / Films / Events / Reports



Pedestrian standards / Book of Pedestrian Situations / Video / Event



Project leader: fundacja tu obok
20-052 Lublin,
ul. Popiełuszki 28H lok.30
e-mail: zapraszamyATtuobok.pl
telefon: +48 660 199 423

Contact for the project

Marta Kurowska, tel. + 48 660 199 423
e-mail: biuro.mdl.lublinATgmail.com


Marta Kurowska – coordinator
Jan Kamiński – coordinator
Marcin Skrzypek – coordinator (Ośrodek „Brama Grodzka – Teatr NN)
Dominika Birycka – office
Joanna Skałba – public relations